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ISME are collaborating with Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) to offer ISME members the opportunity to experience the EO Accelerator programme first-hand, completely FREE of charge.

ISME members will attend one of our four learning days and experience the benefits of being a registered EOA participant.

Take your business to the next stage with EO Accelerator

The EO Accelerator Learning days are broken down into four categories fundamental to successful business: Strategy, People, Execution and Cash.

ISME members will be invited to attend the ‘Cash’ learning day, where EOA Trainers & Coaches will discuss how to manage cashflow at the growth stage of the business and ensure business owners are setting themselves up for success when it comes to managing the business finances.

One learning day session could be what kick starts growth for your business. EOA Participants will attend the remaining three learning days throughout the year and will have monthly access to an EOA Accountability Coach & Peer Group team for ongoing support.


Thursday 7th October, from 9am – 3pm

Learning day delivered online via Zoom. 
First session is free for ISME members who meet the EOA criteria.

Your Trainer: Elliot Jacobs

Elliot Jacobs is a leading UK Postmaster, Retailer and Entrepreneur based in London. He is recognised as one of the highest rated Master Facilitators at the Entrepreneurs Organization.

He has led sessions across the world both virtually and in person, helping members of the EO Accelerator programme to exponentially grow and master their business using the Scaling Up principles of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.

What happens after the learning day?

Whatever happens next is entirely up to you!

Those who attend the first learning day will be welcomed to register and become an EOA Ireland participant. Spaces are limited, so acceptance to the EO Accelerator programme will not be guaranteed. ISME Qualified members who successfully join the programme will receive 40% off the programme cost as part of the collaboration between EOA and ISME.

If you decide not to pursue with the EO Accelerator programme at this time there will be no charge for the attended learning day.

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