EOA Execution Day

Even if you have a great product or service, hire the very best people, and have an outstanding strategy, your business can't scale and frow if you don't EXECUTE your plan. Come join us for our Execution Day workshop to find out how, facilitated by the very engaging and experienced James Summers. EO members are … Continued

Moderator Training

Whether you are a Moderator or not, this is a chance for all members to avail of world class training by a world class facilitator. Full day training.

Jim O’Hara

Come and listen to Jim O'Hara, former GM of Intel Ireland

EOA Strategy Day

EOA Strategy Day with facilitator James Summers

Breath Control is Stress Control!

Join John McKeown, Wim Hof method instructor, as he teaches you how to reduce stress and anxiety through breathing. Venue Dublin, TBC

EOA Cash Day

EOA Cash Day with facilitator James Summers

EOA People Day

EOA People Day with facilitator James Summers

EOA Execution Day

EOA Execution Day with facilitator James Summers

If you’re ready to become a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, and join a community of top entrepreneurs who’ve been changing the business landscape for 25 years.