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Featured One Level Up Speaker – Gene Browne

By EO Ireland

EO Europe is honoured to host all EO members, Accelerators and guests at One Level Up 2019 In Dublin, Ireland. The focus of this year’s event will be The Power of Connected Growth and will mix high-quality learning, networking, and world-renowned Irish hospitality and entertainment from November 27-29. Be on the lookout for more information this week or register now at the official website.

Featured Speaker – Gene Browne

Founder of The City Bin Company, Gene Browne, will be speaking at EO Ireland’s One Level Up in November.  Gene will be talking about how his business has adopted the ‘Rockerfeller Habits‘ and used them effectively in his business.

One Level Up will be taking place in Dublin from November 27th to 29th and you can read more about it on the One Level Up website.  It promises to be an amazing event.

Watch the video below to see what Gene has to say about the Rockerfeller Habits and One Level Up.

If you would like to find out more about One level Up or about membership of EO Ireland, then please contact Louise French –