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Taking the next step towards success

Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t come without its challenges. Juggling multiple organisational roles, identifying new markets and determining the best method to scale your business are just some of the many things you’ll have to consider.

What if you were part of a community that encouraged accountability, prioritised growth and nurtured leadership through learning opportunities.

Accelerator, an Entrepreneurs’ Organisation program, is the catalyst that enables first-stage entrepreneurs to catapult your business to the next level. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs, network with like-minded individuals and develop the tools and skills you’ll need to scale your business to €1million in sales and revenue within  the first two years of the programme.

Develop life-long skills

What makes the EO Accelerator programme stand out from its counterparts are the highly regarded quarterly learning days. Each EO Accelerator learning day is led by trained International Scaling Up Coaches, who have already successfully launched their own businesses and are now ready to help others.

 Each quarter EO Members, their leadership team and Accelerators, are invited to attend a learning day, each one covering one of four topics

  • Strategy

  • Execution

  • People

  • Cash

Each topic covered is vital for the success of any business.


My leadership team are already implementing the key learnings from People Day and are energised about the upcoming Execution Day - it turns out the Scaling Up Program is designed for all businesses wanting to scale… The icing on the cake is this is all included as part of my EO membership fee!

Current EO Member - Harry Girvan

Try it out for yourself

Did you know that potential members are welcome to attend one learning day, completely free of charge with no strings attached. It’s the best way to see for yourself the value of the learning days and the EOA programme.

The next learning day will take place on Wednesday 01st June 2022.

Simply register your interest here and a member of the EO team will be in touch to gather more information and make sure that the EO Learning day will be the best fit for your business.

Interested in speaking to someone who has already attended a learning day?

Select YES in the form below for a 15-minute briefing from a previous EOA Learning day attendee. Ask your questions directly to someone who has first-hand experience of attending the EO Accelerator program, and has successfully graduated their business to €1million+ in annual revenue.