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Online EO Accelerator Test Drive Europe

For first stage Irish entrepreneurs with sales between € 250K and €1M yearly, who want to grow their current business

When: 10th December | Where: Zoom | Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Are you an Irish entrepreneur with an ambition to grow your business, the desire to learn from others and a willingness to share your journey with others? Our test drive event offers you a no obligation 2-hour taster session for the EO Accelerator programme. In the first part, you’ll get an overview of the program and first-hand experiences of accelerators now participating in the program. In the second part of the test drive, you’ll be part of a mini-peer-group session. All attendees will participate in this in the break-out rooms, where you’ll get a good understanding of the power of experience sharing in peer groups.

Accelerator is a proven EO programme with more than 1,400 participants in 35 countries world-wide. This is the third year that the Accelerator program is being run in Ireland. EO Accelerator is for business owners with a current turnover in excess of €250,000 who want to grow their business to €1 million in 2 years. The program caters for business owners of all types of businesses from all over Ireland. Learn more HERE.

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